Caltrans :: Commercial Wholesale Web Portal :: Version 2


California has 12 unique districts that have Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices deployed in the field. In order to provide real-time traveler information to the public, Caltrans has made the individual district ITS data available in a uniform manner. ITS field data such as Changeable Message Signs, Closed Circuit Television Cameras, Roadside Weather Information Systems and Chain Controls has been reviewed and given precise location information as well as real-time status information. Other information, such as Lane Closures, is also included in the Commercial Wholesale Web Portal 2 (CWWP2).

The ITS datasets in the CWWP2 are provided in four different documented formats (JavaScript Object Notation - JSON, Extensible Markup Language - XML, Comma-Separated Values - CSV, Text - TXT) so that third party application developers can integrate Caltrans’ traveler information data into their application.

Conditions of Use

Please read the Conditions Of Use before using these data sets.


Data Format and File Layout

Data is available in four file formats that contain the same information to allow easy integration into your application. Included below are the file format layouts:

File Locations

Miscellaneous File Locations

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